Vídeo: Os 7 erros mais comuns em inglês

Assista o vídeo: Os 7 erros mais comuns em inglês e aprenda como evitá-los.


And here’s a transcript of the video:

Depend ON something

Can I ask you a favor? It depends on what it is.

Pretend – fingir / Pretender – intend

I pretended to be sick so I could stay home.

I intend to travel as soon as possible.

To be xx years old

How old are you? I am 20 years old.

How about your brother? He is 17.

People (plural) – person (singular)

People are afraid to walk on the streets by themselves at night. It is too dangerous.

A x AN

A (antes de som de vogal) – AN (antes de som de vogal)

A year, a wall, a university, a European, a one-way ticket.

An umbrella, an ear, an honest man, an MP3 player, an SUV, an orange.

I live here for 3 years.

Simple Present: present fact, routine.

I live in Brazil.

I always cook dinner.

Present Perfect: unfinished action or unfinished time period.

I have lived in Brazil for 8 years.

I’ve lived here since 2006.


To be cold: estar com frio

To have a cold: estar resfriado

I am cold. I don´t want to go to the beach.

I have a cold. I can´t go to school tomorrow.

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