Usos da palavra “SINCE” em inglês

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Preposition: desde

Adverb: desde então

Conjunction: já que, como.

I have studied English since 2002. (prep)

John left home in 2008 and hasn´t been seen since. (adv)

Since you are busy, I will make dinner. (conj) pode ser trocado por Because

DESDE QUE (expressando condição fica – as long as / provided (that)

You can buy this house as long as you sell yours first. ( desde que, sob a condição x)

I will visit you tomorrow provided it doesn´t rain.

Exercises: (qual o significado de since nessas frases?)

My fiancée and I got in a big fight. I haven´t called her since.

She´s been married since June.

I decided to take a nap, since I had nothing else to do.

Como você traduziria esta frase para o inglês?

Ela casará com você, desde que compre um anel bem bonito. (She will marry you as long as / provided that you buy her a very nice ring.)

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