Your Portuguese school in Florianópolis, Brazil

Step1 Idiomas was founded in 2001, in Florianopolis. Back then, the school only offered English and Spanish to the local community.

As time went on, we’ve added more languages: French and Portuguese. Since we’re located right next to the local largest university (UFSC), most of our students and teachers are studying or at one point did study at this university.

Our school was founded with a goal in mind, which was to be different and to be better, a place that would stimulate learning and inspire students to improve. We hope that through our passion for languages we can provide quality courses and concrete results.

Our mission is simple: to make the student learn Portuguese rapidly and efficiently. The second goal is no less important: to try to have as much fun as possible while learning. At the end of the day, we learn better when we’re having fun and that’s scientifically proven. 🙂

In summary, we can pinpoint what our two main goals are:

  • Offer students a modern and efficient methodology;
  • Make learning a fun activity. 

In addition to increasing students’ self-confidence, the course method still teaches them to study more effectively – something students do not always learn in traditional schools. All this makes Step1 a compelling choice as a language school in Florianopolis.