Online Portuguese Course

The Course

Can’t come to Brazil right now? No problem.

The online Portuguese Course is a highly customizable course aimed at students who prefer or need to study in the comfort of their homes.

For this course the student will receive a textbook (PDF) compiled by our teachers with theory and exercises to facilitate their learning.

With our communicative and dynamic approach, you will rapidly find yourself speaking in Portuguese.

Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar is very important, too and we’ll teach it in a very practical and interactive way, instead of the usual tedious, boring, and repetitive approaches. You will speak the language, not analyze it.

For that we teach a simplified version of the language. Since it is meant for a second language approach the student will not be overwhelmed with all the complexities of the idiom. We teach Portuguese they way it is spoken by natives, highlighting regional differences and the variety of accents that Brazilians may have.

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Terms and conditions

Day one

On the first day of class the student should check if the chosen communication platform (Skype, Google meets, Zoom, etc) is on at least 20 minutes before the class starts. If the student is late, the teacher will not extend the class.

After the first class, the teacher will be able to better adapt classes according to each student’s needs.

Payment Conditions

1) Payment should be made using Transferwise. The information to complete the transaction will be provided by email.

2) Payment must be completed before the start of the classes, so the transaction need to be made at least two business days before the first class.

What happens if a student decides to change the course type or lenght after starting?

3) If the student wants to take more classes than originally planned we can extend the period as long as we are not fully booked. If the student need to shorten his classes we can postpone them and the student will have credit for the remained hours to be used within a year. We will try to be as flexible as we can be to meet every students’ needs and expectations, but it’s important to notice that the school needs at least one week notice to make any type of change in a course.