What we offer

Our school offers highly communicative courses aimed at developing your proficiency in the Portuguese language quickly.

The courses take into account different learning and teaching styles while incorporating task-based strategies centered on the well-known fact that practice in each skill area enhances mastery of the others.

We want to systematically build students’ ability to present their own ideas, opinions, and feelings – both accurately and confidently. For this reason, every activity leads students to gain ownership of the language, progressively moving them away from models to express thoughts in their own words and to improvise based on what they know.

Whether you are coming for just one week or for several months, at the end of your course we want you to feel that you learned far more than you had imagined possible, and that what you have learned is not just theory, but a practical ability to communicate in the language – to understand and to make yourself understood.

Certificates and University Credit

Certificates are awarded to those students who have completed the requirements of our course. Our certificate will describe what you’ve accomplished in regard to the four skills: listening, writing, speaking and grammar comprehension.
We will also provide a letter grade which you will use to get university credit at your home country. This letter will contain detailed information about the course you have taken, total number of hours, curriculum, your final grade, level of proficiency, etc.


All of our teachers are native speakers, have university degrees and have been extensively trained in our methodology. They are selected for their outgoing and dynamic personalities, their patience, creativity, friendliness and, most importantly, for their enthusiasm for teaching their language. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and regions of Brazil. What they have in common, though, is a genuine interest in sharing their language and culture with you.

Your classes will never be boring – your teachers know exactly what to do to make them interesting. And in a country that is as culturally rich as Brazil, that’s not difficult at all.

We aim to enable our students to learn as much as possible in the time available to them, whilst at the same time ensure that they have a thoroughly enjoyable experience that they will want to repeat!

Day one

On the first day of class when you arrive at our school you will be greeted at the door by your teacher. You will then take a placement test and be interviewed to determine the level of your Portuguese. At this stage, your teacher will be able to determine a strategy for your studies and will make several suggestions as to what areas you should focus more and the types of activities that would me most beneficial to you.

The courses we offer include private instruction, group instruction and optional activities that will help you learn Portuguese more effectively and quickly. Every course is especially tailored to accommodate your existing knowledge, needs and desires. Here is a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

Group course

The group course is designed for the more traditional learner of Portuguese. After an assessment of your language level, you will be placed in a group with the same level and objectives as yourself. The groups are very small, ranging from 2 to 5 students on average, and are composed of individuals from different backgrounds (most of whom are experienced world travelers).

One to One Course

We custom design a special curriculum based on an assessment of your language needs, interests, and the written test and oral interview you take during your first day. Depending upon the intensity of your program you will be assigned two or more instructors during your course.

The advantages of private instruction are:

  • You learn at your own pace.
  • Because you’re the only student, you’ll be speaking and thinking more in Portuguese. Consequently you’ll learn faster.

And to help you learn faster

We think it’s very important that you select one or more extra class activities in order to increase exposure to the Portuguese language. This kind of interaction will help you practice conversation and make friends while you have fun. Take advantage of the fact you are in Brazil and explore all it has to offer.
Another interesting activity that will allow further immersion into Brazilian culture (while you help other people) is volunteering. Inquire us about the types of volunteering activities we have available.

Additional services

Our institute offers a variety of special services for you. In case you are interested in doing volunteer work, would like to learn about some social or streetwork project with children we will help you to get started. Check out volunteer.
For students who will continue traveling after taking the course we provide additional travel arrangements.