It is highly important to us that the students are satisfied in their accommodation, whether in host families or hotels.

The school has an accommodation coordinator that is here to ensure that students are happy at all times.
Host families and hotels are carefully selected by our staff. It is our aim that our students are placed only in families in which previous students have been happy.

We recommend three accommodation options:

1) Homestays;

2) Private studios or shared apartments;

3) Hotels.

Below you’ll learn more about each of them.

Host family

Living with a host family is an unforgettable experience and of uttermost importance for you to improve your Portuguese quickly.

It will give you the unique chance to participate in the day-to-day life and activities of a Brazilian family, thus providing you plenty of opportunities to practice what you learn in your lessons.

At the same time, you’ll be experiencing a rich cultural environment, which will help you a great deal to understand what Brazilian people are about and to integrate yourself in this new, exciting country.

We strongly recommend that students consider living with a family, since it will greatly assist you in the learning of Brazilian Portuguese.

* Typically home stays are as comfortable as hotels. They are also within walking distance to the school and very private. Students get their own key and there’s no curfew.
* A ‘host family’ can be a married couple, with or without children. If a student is unhappy in a host family, they will be moved, without question. Please note that accommodation is normally available from the Sunday before a course starts until the Saturday after it finishes.

Private Studios or Shared Apartments

This is great option for those wishing for greater independence during their stay in Florianopolis.

Airbnb offers a wide variety of accommodation options in our area. From private studios to shared apartments, you’ll find one that suits your needs and budget.

It will be possible to find comfortably furnished and fully equipped apartments with wifi. We quite like the abundant array of options on offer at Airbnb and judging from student’s past experiences we can confidently recommend this option of accommodation as a good alternative to homestays.

1) Most studios and shared apartments are located within walking distance to school or a short bus ride away.


Another good option for the independent traveler.

Rooms in hotels are comfortably furnished and fully equipped: bedroom with closet, private bathroom, tv and wifi.

1) Most hotels are located within walking distance to school.
* If practicing your Portuguese is what you have in mind, we suggest you consider staying in one of the nice home stays we have available close to the school. Home stays offer you many benefits that hotels don’t.

Florianopolis is a renowned and prestigious tourist center, able to offer a wide variety of accommodation to suit all pockets and preferences. There are many hotels to choose from.