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What better way to spend a vacation than to learn the language of Brazil while helping the local community!
Our program combines classroom language study with a unique volunteer opportunity that will allow you to practice your Portuguese and become more involved in the local community. This is immersion at its best! Speaking with local people is the fastest and most effective means of learning a language, and knowledge of other cultures is priceless.
Furthermore, you'll have a chance to use your skills or talents in a different environment, and maybe teach them to someone else.
Some people desire vacations that are more culturally orientated and productive than idling on the beach or in the mountains. We are offering you the opportunity to better yourself with new skills and better a community with your

volunteering! You will still have plenty of time for checking out the sights and relaxing, but you will also have an incredible experience that will open your mind and heart in ways many only dream about.
How it works:
Since a certain language proficiency level is required to participate in our volunteer programs, you will first spend time becoming familiar with the language at our language center in Brazil. The length of this training will depend on your current level of proficiency If your language level is already such that communication is possible without the aid of an interpreter, you may begin your volunteer project right away while taking language classes part-time. There is always something new to learn about a language! You will work at your volunteer project(s) site 3-4 hours per day (in the afternoon), 2-5 days per week, so morning classes will not interrupt your work schedule.
All you have to do is write and tell us about your strengths, abilities and interests, we will be able to give you the
option of several suitable projects in which you may participate. Then, before you know it, you're off to your school, development project, athletic field or music room!
These are some of the opportunities that are available:

Work with children in daycare centers.
Administer sports lessons/workshops (basketball, volleyball,
baseball, football, etc.).
Participate in one of the various campaigns.
Help with specific work that a volunteer is skilled in (plumbing,
electricity, administration, etc).
Teach music.
Give lectures about any particularity concerning the culture of
their country.
Give computer lessons.

Student with any level of Portuguese can work here.


There is no fee for placement in your volunteer project. For Housing and Language Course costs, see our price list.

_Praia da Joaquina
_Praia Mole
_Praia de Jurere
_Guarda do Embaú
_Lagoa da Conceição
_Praia do Campeche
_Beiramar Norte
_Morro da Cruz
_Mercado Público

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