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Head Teachers

One of the things we value most at Step1 is the great atmosphere we are able to create at our school.

Our friendly, helpful staff will go out of their way to make sure that every aspect of your stay exceeds your expectations.

We care about your linguistic progress and know that quality teachers are a fundamental part of the language learning process, and will greatly affect how quickly you'll learn Portuguese.

Our teachers are selected for their outgoing and dynamic personalities, their patience, creativity, friendliness and, most importantly, for their enthusiasm for teaching their language.

As you can see from the following profiles of our Portuguese instructors, our team comes from a variety of backgrounds. What they have in common, though, is a passion for teaching and a genuine interest in sharing their language and culture with you.
ADRIANO PONTES – Adriano got involved with teaching Portuguese out of his love for the language and his passion for teaching it. He fell in love with Brazilian literature long ago, and has since then been sharing everything he knows about Brazilian history, culture and customs.
ANA PAULA – Ana Paula is a very sweet and caring person. Students immediately feel this warmth in her classes and it helps them progress more naturally towards improving theirs conversational skills. She has become a teacher because she loves to interact with people and assist them in their goal of learning Portuguese. Ana Paula is the typical Brazilian teacher: warm, friendly, ready to go out of her way to help students.
BIANCA – If you are looking for a very dynamic teacher, stop looking right now. Bianca is the type of teacher that will make you love studying Portuguese. Her classes are full of energy and well planned. That, of course, comes from the fact the she just loves teaching Portuguese to foreigners. The students’ feedback on her work is excellent.
LEANDRA– Leandra has a degree in Portuguese and Spanish and a Master in Linguistics. She has taught Portuguese for many years and enjoys very much having the opportunity to exchange experiences with her foreign students.
IANDRA – Iandra is a very talented teacher, a natural if you will. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying Portuguese for the first time or if you are already at an advanced level, she always finds a perfect way to make you learn a lot more Portuguese in a very fun and effective manner.
AÍDA- Aída is a teacher who will always push you to your limits. She is very friendly and absolutely loves her work and the exchange of ideas and information about other countries. She also loves the Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language and she´s always anxious to share her knowledge with her students. She has a degree in French in the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris.
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