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The Caribbean is here. Blue, warm waters make this beach a swimmer’s paradise. This beach is on the west side of the island (the bay side), and therefore there are no waves. Kayaking, water skiing, sailing, and swimming are the popular choices.
The lush vegetation and the view of other smaller islands and of the continent, with its exquisite hills in the distance, make a strong first impression. The infrastructure is the best on the island (the restaurants are excellent, offering seafood specialties as well as fantastic Italian dishes). Step1 students love to spend time at this pristine beach.
_Praia da Joaquina
_Praia Mole
_Praia de Jurere
_Guarda do Embaú
_Lagoa da Conceição
_Praia do Campeche
_Beiramar Norte
_Morro da Cruz
_Mercado Público

Step1 students having some fun

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