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A modern conversational approach to language learning.

The goal of our methodology is to make you comfortable using your new language in the practical situations that you encounter in everyday life, for example: travel, conducting business, meeting people, using the telephone, meetings, participating in a conversation effectively, etc. With our communicative and dynamic approach, you will rapidly find yourself speaking in Portuguese.

Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar is very important—we teach it in a very practical and interactive way, instead of the usual tedious, boring, and repetitive approaches. You will speak the language, not analyze it. The key to learning a new language is communication. Because communication includes reading and writing, they are included throughout our programs.

Emphasis on communication!!

We believe that language is a result of human interaction. More than any other area, language acquisition depends on natural learning situations. Although the teacher is an authority on grammar and compared linguistics, he/she acts primarily as a facilitator in communicative activities, always focusing on the learner's interests. Our teachers are all Brazilian native speakers of Portuguese with college degrees in the teaching of languages.

Many of the foreign guests have been self-sufficient and have done a good job in acquiring the culture and the language by themselves, socializing and making friends with people (very much in line with our teaching philosophy). For those on a short-term program, we offer an intensive program of private lessons. Classes include conversation, grammar, and pronunciation.

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