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The southern coast of Santa Catarina is one of the most popular surfing areas in Brazil, and that’s exactly where Guarda do Embaú is. It is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil and can only be reached by boat. The river crossing is very short and sometimes, when the tide is low, you can cross it on foot.
Right in front of this beach is Ilha dos Corais, one of the best sites for underwater fishing in all of Brazil. Local fishermen organize boat trips to the island all year round. Guarda do Embaú is on the coast of Santa Catarina, 30 miles south of Florianópolis.
_Praia da Joaquina
_Praia Mole
_Praia de Jurere
_Guarda do Embaú
_Lagoa da Conceição
_Praia do Campeche
_Beiramar Norte
_Morro da Cruz
_Mercado Público


Panoramic view of the beach

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